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Drawing is the catalyst for most, if not all, our creative endeavors. So, let’s start drawing! We’ll study line, tone, proportional relationships, finding the underlying geometry and interconnectedness of everything.

Working from a live subject is the best way to learn how to see and interpret the three-dimensional form.

Class starts March 2 and meets 5 times.

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India Ink is a fantastic medium that can be used on its own or mixed with others.

We will look at historical examples ranging from Japanese Ink paintings to contemporary examples.

Then we will create our own botanical- inspired india ink pieces while learning about the elements of art.

Class starts Jan 25 and meets 4 times.

Register at ghia.org

Watercolor on Yopu Paper Workshop | GHIA

Dates: December 25 & December 26
Times: 10 am – 3:30 pm
Location: Walker Mackenzie Building – 509 5th street, Augusta, GA 30901
Cost: $170-$195
Age Group: Adult
Instructor: Lala Streett


Two days of exploration and creativity on this fantastic painting surface.  Using a combination of traditional and experimental watercolor techniques, we will discover the possibilities of this s-m-o-o-t-h paper.  Plan on gorgeous color, unusual techniques and exciting paintings!

Tickets are available here!

Watercolor Portraits from Photographs | GHIA

Dates: (Wednesdays) November 3, 10, 17, & December 1, 8
Time: 9:30am – 12pm
Location: CAROL KELLY DORN STUDIO 874 Deerwood Cir. Evans, GA 30809
Cost: $118 – $216
Age Group: Adult
Instructor: Carol Kelly Dorn


Whether you took the preliminary portrait drawing class, or are new to portrait painting, this course will provide you with much valuable information on the art of creating portraits in watercolor. Emphasis will be given on developing correct facial structure & features, skin tones, & hair. Demonstrations & techniques will also be given on clothing, background, & the effects of light & shadow. What to consider when choosing photographs as resource material will be discussed as students begin to develop their own personal portrait choices.

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If elements are the “bones” of art, then the principles are the “skin” that covers them. For those of you who took Drawing I: Understanding the Essential Elements of Art or already have a basic knowledge of drawing, this course will take you on a deeper journey. We will explore art principles such as composition, unity & balance, focal points, perspective, repetition & other forms of expression that help create your own personal style. Your eyes will be trained to see more clearly as we employ the sight sized method, alignments, atmospheric qualities, art mapping tricks, etc. Toward the end of the course, each student will move into the direction of their own interests.