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GHIA Basic Digital Camera & Photography

This class is designed to teach students essential functions while using a digital SLR camera.

Instruction will include:

    • Shutter Speeds
    • Controlling Motion
    • Exposure Control
    • Menu items (such as resolution, file types, ISO, white balance)

Instruction will also include an introduction to downloading, sizing and e-mailing images, basic image editing using Photoshop and taking better pictures using great composition techniques. Bring your camera, manual, and a jump drive to the first class.

Instructor: Will Tullis

Ages: Adult
Dates: June 9- July 7 (Wednesdays Only)
Time: 6pm-8pm

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Women’s History, Still Being Written – An Artistic and Academic Discussion

Friday, March 6th, 2020 | 6 PM – 8 PM | Westobou

An artistic and academic discussion with a local poet, photographer, and professor on feminism, femme fatale, the centennial of the 19th Amendment, and the #MeToo movement.

In 1920 the 19th Amendment, granting American women the right to vote (known as women’s suffrage), was ratified. When one reflects over the 100 years since, it is apparent women’s history is still being written. In a time where #MeToo was necessary to bring sexual harassment and abuse to the forefront, where a women confident in her sexuality is seen as threat to men, and when advocating for rights carries a negative perception it is of benefit for our community to have a forthright discussion. One that is both artistic and academic in nature.

The agenda for the evening includes; hearing poetry from Leah Savant ‘The Activist Artist’, viewing works and hearing about the recapturing of femme fatale from photographer Christy Flaherty, and hearing a historic and sociological overview of the journey from the 19th Amendment to present day from Dr. Melencia Johnson (USC-Aiken). It will also include a moderated discussion between the panel and the audience, within the beautiful Westobou Gallery in downtown Augusta.

*Light refreshments and hors d’oeuvre will be served.

Tickets: $5 | Get your tickets online HERE!
For more information on the speakers, check out the Westobou Event Page HERE!