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The Murphy’s of Savannah | Exhibit at the Morris

Exhibit Dates: July 17, 2021 – January 9, 2022 | Location: The Morris Museum | Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 12-5pm/CLOSED Mon & Major Holidays

Over the years, Savannah, Georgia, has enjoyed a reputation as an unusually vibrant center for the visual arts, a reputation that has resulted from a large and active community of artists. Christopher P. H. Murphy, his wife Lucile Desbouillons Murphy, and two of their seven children, Christopher A. D. Murphy and his sister Margaret, were central figures in the cultural life of Savannah as artists, teachers, and leaders of the Savannah Art Club and the Association of Georgia Artists. 

The work on display was drawn from the Morris’s collection of more than 175 works of art by the Murphy family artists. 

For more information on this exhibit and the Murphy family, visit the Morris Museum’s website here.

Welcome to Noahland | GHIA

Date: September 10, 2021 | Time: 6pm | Location: Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art 1st Floor 

“Welcome to Noahland” is a showcase of abstract art by a local young artist, who is also a GHIA alum. The show is about finding effort and ease. It’s about creating something that is interpreted by each viewer. The show highlights that different doesn’t mean less. Many of the pieces displayed were created while at GHIA summer camp, which is where Noahland was born. As Noah and the students showed off their work, one piece, the flag, was captivating and transforming. The class was ethnically diverse and the children wanted to create the flag that represented their heritage. As they proudly showed off their work, the children shared “This is China. This is Israel. This is the United States.” I got to Noah’s and said “This must be Noah’s.” And a student clamoured, “It’s NOAHLAND!”
Noahland is a place where differences and uniqueness are appreciated and celebrated. It’s a place where others learn that we are all different but the same and that different doesn’t mean less.  We invite you to share your interpretations of the pieces by emailing us at noahlandart@gmail.com.

The Ties That Bind | GHIA Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: September 10, 2021 – October 8, 2021 

Opening Reception: September 10, 2021 from 6 – 8pm 


The Ties That Bind
Data analytics and media in the digital age is being used in strategic ways to efficiently target specific groups of people for personal, political or financial gain. Ideologies of “Us vs Them” are created to further divide people into groups that can be mobilized and manipulated to fight a perceived enemy.  For this reason, objective truth and empathy have been replaced by sensationalism, half-truths and extremist social/political ideologies.  This portfolio exchange aims to celebrate diversity and common threads that we all share.  Invitations to artists will be extended with the intent of representing diversity in race, culture, geography, gender and aesthetics.

The theme, “The Ties That Bind” is open for each artist’s interpretation.  16 Artists will be invited to participate and will create an edition of 18 prints on 15” x 15” paper.  Each artist is encouraged to create visual images with real or implied connecting points in the center of all four edges of their print.  When displayed together, there should be an implied point of connection, whether arranged side by side or top to bottom. The prints will be displayed at a national print conference in Cleveland and will be included in the permanent collection at Kent State University.  They will also be displayed nationally and in Canada at a site at each of the participant’s cities.

Chadwick Tolley
This print exchange and exhibit is organized by Chadwick Tolley, local artist and assistant professor of art at Augusta University. Tolley teaches printmaking and drawing at Augusta University and has exhibited widely across the United States and won various awards for his work. The exhibit will be on display in the 3rd floor galleries during the Fall Artists’ Market.

Visit the GHIA Website for a full list of participating artists.

Scenes of Augusta and Sacred Heart Art Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: August 25 – September 3, 2021 in the Sacred Hearts Cultural Center Art Hall

Opening Reception:  August 24, 2021 from 4 – 6pm in the Great Hall

Each piece in the exhibit features a scene from Augusta or of Sacred Heart produced by 21 local artists. All pieces will be for sale and a portion of each sale benefits the ongoing preservation of Sacred Heart. Mask are optional but highly recommended.

Art Hall Hours: M-F 9am – 5pm 

Get more information here!